Track: Dan's Dad's Messages
Artist: Game Grumps
Album: Shovel Knight Part 2


turning your friend into a furry image

Track: 7 PM
Artist: Manaka Kataoka, Atsuko Asahi
Album: Animal Crossing: New Leaf OST



heres ur reminder to not support omocat and their artwork/products because they profit from the normalization of a term associated with #child pornography (which puts plenty of children in danger), and when confronted about it, reacted very irresponsibly.

reminder that this includes the Pretty Boy comic that’s been going around tumblr for a really long time. the post is pretty popular (>200k notes) and not everyone may know that omocat created it.

Track: What You Know +
Artist: Two Door Cinema Club
Album: Tourist History


Sexuality: Well animated anime fights 


little 2010 tumblr things:

  • not being able to reply privately to asks
  • tumblr tuesday
  • the directory
  • people actually paying money to promo blogs in the directory
  • nothing in any anime tags
  • no canon urls
  • what is air
  • fuckyeah[fandom]
  • unironic use of memes
  • always reblog the creator david karp
  • no good themes
  • can you make that ask rebloggable